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Leadership is of utmost importance in the strength of a company and its advancement. Leaders should always lead by example and never be afraid to clean toilets or get their hands dirty. In many startups today those who survive understand that it takes hard work, long hours, extreme focus, and drive to see it through. As well as understanding the principle that without your team you have nothing. It takes a great leader to put the needs of others before themselves.

Mr. McElfresh is a Serial Entrepreneur and advocate for Space Commerce and Space Commerce Law that protects the rights of humanity, businesses and governments that do business in and from space. Space Commerce Law is still in its infancy and it is an area that Humanity as a Society needs to take a close look at and start preparing for the days when we begin to travel in space. Even if it is traveling in our tiny solar system.

Mr. McElfresh has started and ran many businesses during his lifetime. Success is always around the next corner. He always says, “Success is what you make of it and how well you learn from all the “did not work” trials we go through”.

He currently serves on the boards of two NGO’s and is President/CEO of 1st Space Financial Institution, IncAstral Starship Development Corp,The Center for Starship Research and Development, and is the Founder of S.T.E.M. University, and United Interplanetary Space Alliance. He is an advocate for the poor and impoverished, micro-entrepreneurs, and believes that the internet is the university of the future. He founded S.T.E.M. University for the sole purpose of taking action now to create a new rapid advancement education system that will give students a head start on their career. Because Mr. McElfresh believes that one third of our lives should not be spent on pursuing trivial education but instead should be spent pursuing meaningful knowledge and education. Nor should an education should not be spent on prerequisites and meaningless classes to fill a need to justify the price of an education, but should be spent on core curriculum courses to advance the students to be readily available to join the workforce and make valuable contributions to the advancement of humanity in the areas that matter most. Due to the fact that our societies are advancing at a rapid rate in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics we have focused our courses and colleges in these four major areas. Society today is no longer reliant on the old ways of communicating or traveling but on new technology. We are no longer in the industrial age but in the new age of technology.

He believes that laws should be simple and concise and to the point. These laws should not lead someone in circles or be so complex that the average citizen can’t understand them. Although U.I.S.A. is being formed similar to the United Nations it is far from being as complex as its mentor (The U.N.) U.I.S.A. is to be the founder of all things pertaining to space law and commerce above and beyond the 22,300 mile marker of space. Mr. McElfresh now in his mid-sixties is supremely confident that we as a human society must begin to set in motion these laws now and we must begin steps now to protect ourselves from catastrophic events or wars from within or from outside our solar system. Mr. McElfresh started 1st Space Financial Institution, Inc. because we should take the first step to build a new Banking Model, a new Banking Platform and be part of the new 21 st Century Banking System that will finance and pave the way for humanity to begin our journey to……. “Space The New Frontier”.

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