About ASDC

About Astral Starship Development Corp or ASDC

About ASDC (Astral Star-Ship Development Corporation) designing and developing the first star-ship and future star-ships for galactic and interplanetary travel. 

From Kitty Hawk to Alpha Centauri b by the year 2050 is it possible? Yes it is at the rate our technology is expanding we believe that over the next 30 to 40 years we will be able to go to Alpha Centauri and beyond. From the mid 1970’s to now 2013 our computer systems alone have evolved at a tremendous rate, doubling, and tripling in short periods of time. Unfortunately our space program is lagging far behind where we should be in comparison to our computing capabilities. Even our computing capabilities are not where they should be. 

Nikola Tesla one of the most brilliant minds ever was never recognized for his achievements. He wanted to develope free electricity for the masses and distribute it to the world. We must get past greed, jealousy, envy, etc. if we are to reach the stars. 

Astral Starship Development Corporation is the first Starship builder on our planet. We will build the first of many starships to explore the galaxies. We realize that this will a major undertaking and therefore we are a public corporation and will be publicly traded. 

Our first starship will be very small and have a very small crew. Getting it off the ground will not be a problem using our current technology and methods. This will be a prototype and from this we will make changes and continuously make modifications and adjustments here on earth where we have the resources at hand. In space we don’t have Advance Auto for parts or Shell gas stations to fill up. A large starship would require massive amounts of energy and technology that we do not have yet. 

Astral Starship Development Corp currently has two subsidiaries; 

  1. Astral Center for Starship R & D
    1. The Center for Starship R & D will research, design and develop new technology for
  2. Astral Starship Simulation Project
    1. This project will help determine the feasibility of every aspect of our starship design,from aesthetics, astrosociology to bridge components and setup, zones for relaxation. Everything from a to z.

Some of the benefits to having a starship are as follows:

Asteroid mining, Space based settlements, Removing space debris (see video) and many other benefits. 

I know most of you are probably thinking Star Trek the series and the Starship Enterprise. We believe that the Starship Enterprise is probably a likely candidate for a starting point. But we aren’t sure if that is the way a starship should look. We do admit that it has some valid facts and some of the features will be incorporated into Astral’s Starships.   

Removing Space Debris

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